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Meeting a muggle vs meeting another potterhead by Severus Snape…..

So, finally I got another relatable video of meeting muggles vs meeting Potterheads.

I can share my own experience, I wasn’t a Potterhead before even I didn’t even understand what Harry Potter was! But during lockdown, I read Chamber Of Secrets book which I’d stored in a column. But by the time I read the first chapter, I liked that book a lot! There was a lot of suspense till the very end, I just liked it and then I wished to read the other books too.

And when my school reopened I met my friend and came to know that she is a Potterhead too! I was really excited! She told me that her house is Hufflepuff….. And now, when I meet muggles, I’m a bit annoyed especially when they say that they don’t like Harry Potter!

And now I’ve got a relatable video on the topic…..

Click here:


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