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5 times Hermione was a brilliant friend

We all know both Ron and Hermione have proved to be a brilliant friend of Harry’s. But today we will talk about 5 times how Hermione was a brilliant friend. Of course she was a brilliant friend everytime but let’s see some significant events

She joins them in the adventure

As we all know that in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the Trio had to cross the trapdoor and Hermione being already smart, helps them with the Devil’s Snare and also with the room of potions (in books)

She gets petrified

As we all know, during 2nd year, muggle-borns were in danger and Hermione too. And of course she knew that Basilisk could be in the library but she, without hesitating goes there and finds about Basilisk and that was particularly helpful for both Harry and Ron, later.

She observed the danger

Of course, how can we forget that Hermione was the only one to observe that Lupin was a werewolf, I don’t mean that he was bad, of course he was caring but deadly on full moon nights! And Hermione tells them that he’s a werewolf and later observes the full moon too.

She lies to Umbridge

We often say (believe actually), that Hermione is just book smart but she proved that she’s street smart too! As in Harry Potter and the Order Of the Phoenix, she saves Harry and lies to Umbridge that Dumbledore seeks a weapon.

She joins the final battle

The most significant event of all (we mentioned) is the battle of Hogwarts. We know that during the battle, even before it started, muggle-borns and their families were in mortal danger and Hermione herself was a muggle-born too. Yet she joins Ron and Harry during the battle and before, erases herself from her parents’ memories to keep them safe and happy.

And Harry,Ron and Hermione really teach us what friendship is!


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