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Which was better?

I tried to make a choice between covers of chamber of secrets of both Bloomsbury and scholastic publications and I liked the scholastic one MORE….. I don’t mean tht I disliked the scholastic cover but scholastic was better I thought….

Things I liked about Scholastic cover:

  • Lighting bolt on Harry’s name
  • The illustrations create a suspensfull and impressive effect
  • Chamber of secrets written in the same way as it was written on the wall in the movies.
  • And most beautiful was the emerald green scary chamber entrance behind harry which obviously stole my mind!

Things I liked about Bloomsbury cover:

  • The horrible basilisk behind harry is obviously my fav thing in the cover
  • Next is fawkes flying fantastically
  • And Harry is shown in his Hogwarts robes!
  • The sword of gryffindor that is shining in Harry’s hand
  • Basically, I liked that the cover shows many things except Harry

So tell me what is your favourite cover. Tell me in the comments 👇

It’s have been a long time since I’ve uploaded a post. And I hope you found this one interesting……


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