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5 times Ron was a brilliant friend

We all know that both Ron and Hermione have proved to be a great friend of Harry’s. But today we are going to talk about how 5 times Ron was a brilliant friend. Of course he was a brilliant friend everytime but let’s see some significant events…

He helps to get past McGonagall’s giant chess set

We all know that in Philosopher’s Stone Ron too along with Hermione joins the adventure and takes them safely out of McGonagall’s giant chess set. Although he gets injured in the game but fulfills his friendship.

He rescues Harry from the Dursleys

Ron,Fred and George flew that enchanted car to Harry’s house and back. Yes how can we forget that wonderful adventure in chsmber of secrets. FLYING CAR at the countryside. Ron takes Fred and George to Harry’s house in the car to rescue him from the Dursleys.

He follows the spiders

Ron is scared of spiders as revealed in Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets. Yet we all know that he joins Harry to the forbidden forest to meet Aragog.

He always supports Harry

He joins supports Harry against you-know-who along with Hermione. In Order Of Phoenix and Half Blood Prince both Hermione and Ron play their significant roles respectively. So no point forgetting it.

He joins the final battle

He joins Harry in the final battle of Hogwarts. As we all know that the Weasleys were considered as blood traitor by death eaters so they were ofcourse bit safer than muggle-borns. Yet Ron and the Weasleys support Harry without any hesitation and later we know that Fred dies in the war.

Harry, Ron and Hermione taught us the true meaning of friendship and realised the power of friendship.


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